Hi my stylish friends!
Today's look feature beautiful dress from FRONTROWSHOP and a trendy bag from HTFASHION The design of the dress is very elegant and minimalistic, it reminds me of 60s stewardess styles and 60s fashion in general. The dress has a slim fit design with high waist line, which is great to make your legs look longer. The color of the dress is beautiful pastel blue and I really liked the small detail, that is the little stitched art badge in tattoo style. I paired the dress with pastel pink leather jacket and a black cat ears hat, for that 60s style vibe. Accessorized the look with awesome pink bag by Alexander Black, the design is spot on for this look, it feels vintage, really stylish and elegant, something from 60s elite fashion shows. The quality is perfect, from quality stitching, very sturdy materials, to the metallic detail and logo badge. The eye-caching juicy pick color looks amazing, reminds me of my favorite lipstick color. The whole look is perfect for a big city girl to go to a date, or even to work, or grab a salad at a stylish food place. This look is elegant and casual, it can be very versatile. Try this look for yourself and check out this beautiful dress at FRONTROWSHOP and this awesome bag at HTFASHION



Hi my stylish friends!
Today's look feature beautiful cardigan and dress from 
ROMWE and an awesome backpack from LEGRO7 Just looking at the cardigan makes you feel cozy, the material is very soft to the touch and really warm. I love the over sized design of the cardigan, you just want to cozy up in it with a cup of hot tea. I also really like that there are pockets and hood in this design, this makes this style very cute and practical. The style I was going for with this look is cute and edgy schoolgirl, and this dress is spot on. The design is classic, perfect proportions, all black with cute white collar, almost feels vintage. It's plain, but perfect and that's what I like about it, representing that, great style don't have to be very sophisticated or detailed. I wanted to mix a bit of rock and edginess in to this cute school girl style, with this awesome black leather backpack with spike detail. The design is basic, with two pockets and straps, but the proportions, spiked details and material are just look perfect. Continuing the black and white theme of the look, this great accessory brings a bit of spice to the style. The whole is great to actually go to school, college or university, your look will be unique, stylish, cute, a bit edgy and will definitely stand out. This is a casual style, so it will fit any casual activities also. So check out the cardigan and dress at ROMWE , and definitely get this great backpack at LEGRO7


Hi my stylish readers!
Today I have an awesome look for you, featuring set from 
TBDRESS and a beautiful bag from HTFASHION This look is so fun and positive, inspired by my favorite cartoon character Spongy, I wanted to make this look colorful and fun, and of course trendy and stylish. This set is a two-piece, sweatshirt and skirt, with huge polka dot and Spongy face print. The set is so fun, it will definitely bring a positive vibe to any style. The quality of the material of the set is great, its thick and even warm. The main color combination of the look is black and white, with lite blue detail in print of the set and bag. This beautiful azure bag by HT Fashion, just perfect for this positive look. This bag is styled with very last fashion trends in mind and comes with awesome detail, starting from beautiful logo badge to the quality stitching. It has that vintage vibe and very elegant style, witch reminds me of vintage postman's bag with a fashionable twist. The bag is also very sturdy, cant hold important papers, without bending them. The strap is classic and comfortable and I really love the golden accents in details. This bag has a very versatile style with that deep azure candy color and vintage design, it suits perfectly for a variety of different outfits. The whole look is great for fun casual meetings with friends and going to movies, or any other fun activities. So definitely get this beautiful bag from HTFASHION And this awesome set from TBDRESS

LOOK OF THE DAY: Crème de la crème

Hi my stylish readers!
Today's look is all about amazing clothes from TOMTOP Starting with beautiful beige jacket with black fur inserts. The design definitely inspired by latest collections from top fashion designers, and feature interesting detail, like sleeves with straps and two-toned color theme. The quality of the artificial materials is almost on par with real leather and fur, but staying Eco-friendly. Jacket feels very thin, but very warm and cozy, just perfect for breezy, cold weather. I decided to go with white, beige and black color combo for this look, going from the jacket to bottom layer, with awesome sweatshirt, that has a very artistic Eiffel Tower print. This wonderful print really makes this sweatshirt stand out, it look very unique, like painted with black watercolor and sewn on black beads, which actually reminds me of black caviar. Eiffel Tower made with black caviar, how awesome is that. Next is the slim fit black pants with golden zippers and beige platform boots, to go with the color theme, and finishing the look with very trendy beige hat. I just love that the beginning of 90s big elegant hat trend is back, it is easily one of my favorite trends for this year, and hope it will last. The whole look is really a casual outfit, but with an elegant twist. You can get this awesome jacket, sweatshirt, pants and hat from TOMTOP And definitely try this great items for your own looks.


Hi my stylish readers!
Today's look feature awesome jacket and boots from 
YOINS The jacket has wonderful quality, the artificial leather has a pleasant texture, feels very soft, thin and comfortable to wear. The inside of the jacket is white fur, witch is really cozy and warm. The design is actually pretty elegant for a leather jacket, I just love the no-buttons and no-zipper style, feels very modern and trendy. And the beautiful big fur collar just looks fantastic. I used knitted white sweater as a low layer and really light denim with worn and torn design. The boots I picket for this style have a classical pointy nose design, but with modern details, like straps and alligator leather texture. This design is just awesome, it's very versatile, and can go with many different styles. The whole look has a country vibe to it, which I really like. It feels very comfortable and casual, yet also trendy and elegant. So try this laid-back casual look out, and definitely check out this great jacket and boots at YOINS